Hurricane Irma Update #18

I’m getting more and more concerned for Barbuda – AGAIN! Jose has intensified to Cat 4 and is tracking to graze the island again.

Operation continues to evacuate Barbudans to Antigua. If you know of anyone in Antigua with a big boat (there’s plenty in English Harbor), rescue needs to come and come quickly.…/refr…/MIATCDAT2+shtml/081456.shtml?

We just can’t have this happen again, with so many yet to get off the Island.  This has become dire.  Bonnie Floyd Ministries is working very hard to do what they can to help the people of Barbuda.  If God impresses upon your heart some way that you can help (contacts, funds, etc), please reach out to or  They will coordinate. 

Pray, Pray, Pray!!