Hurricane Update #17

We apologize for the gap in updates. Yesterday, I (Marc) was attempting to get to Antigua.  Flights were cancelled yesterday and today, so, I drove to Tampa to get a quick nap at our Friends Kris and Scott Mulhollen’s.  I am attempting to get back to DFW now and regroup. 

As you saw on FB, Bonnie and Donnie went to the Island of Barbuda yesterday to take supplies.  As of now, they are still on Barbuda.  We are anxiously awaiting an update from them. I was confused by an email that came from Bonnie (was really Nicole replying on her behalf), so, despite my FB live post earlier, we have not heard directly from Bonnie or Donnie.

I was however, able to speak with Klarissa, one of our dear sisters from Barbuda.  She is ok and staying with friends on Antigua. She sent me this message on WhatsApp before calling (she’s so direct sometimes – lol – we love her for it!):


When we spoke, she described to me the scene when the storm came through.  She was with 15 or 20 people at the Community Center.  There were elderly and children.  What she described sounded very scary.  Doors had been blown open, windows busted and the roof, when blown off, began to come down into the center.  

We are so thankful that she was there to help keep others safe. 

Klarissa will keep us updated on her needs.  Right now, she will be going back to Barbuda.  Our connection over WhatsApp was not very strong, so, it was difficult to hear everything she was saying.  However, all that matters is that she is safe!  Praise the Lord.

Donnie sent a picture before leaving for Barbuda.  He said that the weather was chasing them. 


All I can say is that these two children of God NEVER GIVE UP and are always seeking the Lord in every step they take. By Godmaking a way for them to be on the boat to Barbuda is a story Bonnie will have to tell.  


Once we get an update from Bonnie and Donnie, we will be posting.  Much to sort out with overnight communications from a relief agency.  Also, work is going on to get homes built on the Island for the people.  More to come on that as it develops.

Stay tuned, keep praying and spread the word please!