About: Donnie Floyd


In my life, second only to Jesus, is My Donnie. He is God’s greatest blessing and has filled the last 30 years with more protecting, caring and adoring love than I would have thought to ask God for.

I am so grateful for the Word of God that taught this bossy, controlling and headstrong young woman how to be an adaptive, trusting and respectful wife.

Because of our love for God and striving for obedience to be the honoring husband and submissive wife God calls us to be, we have sincerely found true love!

I am completely fulfilled in being a wife. I take joy in deferring and being cared for rather than controlling a situation. I view being dependent on my husband as looking to him for provision and protection, both physically and spiritually.

Though we may not always agree, I know that he hears me and because I believe he hears me, I trust his every decision…regardless of where a path may lead.