The Barbuda 180 Mission

Barbuda 180

For many years BFM has ministered to and assisted the people on the island of Barbuda in various ways turning a tragedy into triumph, but when Barbuda took a direct hit from Hurricane Irma in September 2017, the needs of the Barbudan people drastically changed. Their homes were decimated by this Category 5+ devastating hurricane and as a result the entire population of 1800 people were evacuated off the island and relocated to shelters.

Slowly the resilient people of Barbuda began to return, but their homes were completely destroyed. With the help of hurricane relief organizations, hundreds of homes now have completed roofs, but 2/3 of them are far from functional, with many of the families living in shredded tents right in their own front yards.

BFM’s ongoing mission through Barbuda 180 is to bring in teams of volunteers on a very regular basis to help rebuild the interior of a home that has a new or repaired roof in one week. This will provide families’ with their basic housing needs and they can once again feel safe on an island that can be dangerously exposed to the elements.

With every interior restoration it is important to involve the homeowner in the renovation process, allowing them to make moderate design decisions and give them three paint colors of their choosing. The need in each home varies from new and repaired fully functional kitchens and bathrooms to interior doors and wall construction to painting and electrical work. The average cost to restore the interior of one family home is $2800 USD.

The heartbeat of Bonnie Floyd Ministries is sharing the redeeming love of God and the value of having a personal relationship with Jesus. This can be achieved through construction teams, entrepreneurship programs, medical/dental clinics, youth outreach and Bible studies. BFM has also formed the Barbuda Sisterhood, which is a thriving women’s ministry on the island. The greatest difference we can make in the lives of the Barbudan people is to show love. Barbuda 180 teams are not limited to one area of ministry and each mission team is designed around the makeup of the team members. A team can consist of construction work, ministry or a makeup of both.

We hope you will join us on a life-changing adventure that will impact your life and the precious people on Barbuda.