You Are Right Where You Are Supposed To Be

June is already over! How did that happen? I remember this time last year, I was feeling very disconnected from my beloved Antigua Barbuda. I’d not been there since February because I chose to be in California working several weeks for Triple Delight Blueberries’ harvest season with my dearest friends, Mom & Dad Floyd, nieces and nephews. I had shared my concerns of disconnect with my mentor, Miss Shirley, and as always, she spoke words of wisdom that wiped my worrisome thoughts away. She told me to hold NO regret for the precious one-on-one time I had just spent with my friends and family (especially my aging in-laws) because I would always hold those memories close in my heart. But more importantly she adamantly reminded me that though I had not been actively present on Antigua and Barbuda, God had been. HE was there continuing the work HE had called us (Bonnie Floyd Ministries) to do. This powerful reminder was so refreshing and relieving, because as much as we often desire to be in two places at one time, it’s just not possible! However, as it says in Matthew 19:26 “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”


So yesterday morning at my 4:30am Blueberry Market wake up call, I found myself once again worrisome. I quickly remembered that this feeling was familiar and remembered Miss Shirley’s wise words… BUT this is how wonderful our Lord is, just to be sure there was no room for doubt HE led me to the book of Genesis where the story of Noah and the ark is told. God in HIS infinite wisdom showed me that Noah never worried about which pairs he would have to choose out of whole species or how all the animals would gather into the ark on the specified day, no, Noah left those details to God and focused on building the ark. Like Noah we need to concentrate on what God has given us to do, and leave the seemingly impossible details to HIM.

Where are you at this moment? Are you feeling you “should have been” somewhere else? Doing something else? Hold NO regrets! Whether you believe it or not, God is in control! In Romans 8:28 it says, “All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to HIS purpose.”

When I started this blog it was initially to be my June Newsletter. But the Lord said to me, “NO write this instead!” So with that, I believe someone reading this needs to know, the time you might think was wasted, was not! The time you think may have been better spent doing something else, was not! Maybe you should have done this, instead of that, no you shouldn’t have! YOU ARE RIGHT WHERE YOU BELONG!