Home Away from Home! Ocean Point Resort and Spa

Ocean point resort and spa antigua

Since I started my first blog with a little history, I thought I’d write a “current happenings”! I am presently sitting in the lounge of Ocean Point Resort and Spa in Antigua. Every night unless I have a dinner meeting, I come down dressed for dinner with my laptop, notebook and both my US and Antigua Barbuda cell phones and work in this beautiful Caribbean environment.  In the US I’m not a loner, I rarely go out to eat alone, but here I don’t really have a choice, so I choose to embrace it. The staff here is like family and I don’t say that lightly. Last September My Donnie and I weathered Irma, a 5++++ hurricane with the skeleton crew and owners of this precious GEM of a hotel and the result is, we are officially “family”!

Since that scary night, Ocean Point has become part of the BFM Team. They support our ministry and mission here in so many ways. They cater events with their amazing Italian cuisine as a donation for what BFM is doing here for Antigua and Barbuda, and hey provide generous accommodations for me and My Donnie and for our BFM Teams.

BUT what I love most about the Bertelli Family is that we are fellow Italians! Most don’t know that I am Italian (the blonde hair and blue eyes throw people off).  My Mom, Rita Teresa Ottolini is 100 percent Italian, and as a child she always told me, “though my Dad didn’t have an Italian bone in his body” I was 99 and 9/10 Italian!

Coincidence? Nope providence! God has me in the Caribbean basically living like family at an Italian owned Resort because all things in life will tie together and bring you back to your roots! So I guess this means I’m 1/3 American – 1/3 Italian and 1/3 Antiguan Barbudan . . .  And I couldn’t be more proud!