What a Trip!

I cannot begin to express how very much we appreciate the financial support of all who supported our journey to the islands of Antigua and Barbuda. To those who prayed us through and to my Facebook friends who followed us messaging encouraging words, you are all such a blessing to us and you made our first ever Bonnie Floyd Ministries international mission trip possible; and what a trip it was!!!

As I shared with you in my December Newsletter, 2015 was a major pruning for us and in 2016 the “nubs” sprouted legs and hit the ground running! Our time on Antigua and Barbuda brought many speaking engagements for Bonnie on both islands; multiple radio interviews and a television appearance on Good Morning Antigua & Barbuda; and it didn’t stop there! Bonnie met with the Prime Minister, the Minister of Tourism and the Governor General just to name a few. Our four days on Barbuda with Donaldson, so far exceeded our expectations. We have not only forgiven him for what he did, but the Lord took it further than we could have possibly imagined…Donaldson is our brother and sincerely owns a piece of our heart.

Through all of you, God not only made a way for Donnie and I to travel to Antigua and Barbuda but allowed us to have a small team. The Lord blessed us with Ty Brodie, our Mission Director (who was raised on Antigua) and Marc and Nicole Brandenburg, our professional photographer and videographer. Our entire mission trip was documented on film and the quality of Marc’s work is bar none! We believe what we are now able to send to The 700 Club (CBN) and other secular and Christian media outlets is going to open many doors for us to further spread the message of forgiveness and the redeeming love of Jesus!

I am very excited that as soon as all the editing is completed, we will be posting a video on my Website, so you will be able to see firsthand the miraculous work of God that was made possible by your faithful prayers and generous support.

BUT our work is not finished on the islands; as a matter of fact it appears that it has only just begun! We are planning a return within the next few weeks to continue the work God has begun for us there. There is so much to share about the work we have been called to…Stay Tuned!