“Let the little children come to me…”


I’ve been gone so long that I feel detached from my whole life in general. However, I have had the most amazing time of life and I am in awe of all our Lord has done. I wouldn’t have missed this for anything!!!

I have to quickly tell you the most exciting thing that the Lord did just last night. Dave’s church does a weekly outreach for the children in the neighborhood surrounding their (90 year old) church. The children are not saved, most come from difficult and/or broken homes and are unruly. What they normally do is “briefly” speak to them or give a lesson about the Lord and then spend the rest of the time doing an activity that they enjoy to keep them coming back.

Last night they ask me to go before them and speak for 45 minutes and then give them time to ask me questions. These unruly children (ages 11 to 17) sat there the entire time riveted to my story, they never made a peep. When it came time for the Q&A they asked some amazing and powerful questions each week.

At the end of the evening I asked them if it would be alright if I prayed for them, they all said in unison “YES!” So I did, and at the end of my prayer I said if anyone wanted to ask Jesus to forgive them for their sins and ask Him into their hearts to open their eyes and raise their heads.

For the rest of my life I will never forget what happened next! Every single child flew open their eyes, raised their heads unashamedly and BOLDLY recited the sinners prayer with me!!! I was stunned, overwhelmed and filled with such joy I could hardly speak!

The time afterwards with them was precious and we are hearing amazing testimonies already from the fruit of what the Lord did in their hearts.

Just when I thought maybe we had planned to stay here in England too long, God goes and does something like this to show me HE is the one who planned this trip and He knows exactly what He’s doing…