Urgent: Hurricane Irma Update #9

Irma is here… please continue to pray for us here on Antigua and especially Barbuda. Irma has shifted to the north which is not good for our loved ones on Barbuda. Lord Jesus, You are my strength and my shield in YOU I put my trust! It’s dark out there and I can’t see but I know You can and Your watchful eye is on us and Your protective Hand will spare us! Jesus take charge in Barbuda they need You. #BFMisinthestorm#BFMwillbehereafterthestorm #BFMonthemove

Just received txt from Peter Cuffy and Klarissa Joseph.  It is very windy and the roof tiles of the community center (this is their designated shelter for disaster plan) are coming off. There is a layer of concrete underneath, however, this doesn’t bode well for those still in their homes. Some homes have good roofs. Others, are tin roofs.  

Also, it is so windy, rain is being blown on to the hallway outside our room.  It is now making its way into our room. It’s not flooding, but some of it is wet!

Please be praying!!!  Stay up with us.  Pray!