Hurricane Irma Update #7

Friends and Family we’re starting to lose our communications. If you don’t follow me on my Bonnie Floyd Ministries Page please please do so now! I can no longer manage multiple social media sites from here. So my brilliant BFM Team at home is going to post our updates to my Ministry Page, as long as we’re able to get them out. You can also get updates on my website. WE LOVE YOU!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, we know you are in the wind and the rain. You are mighty. you are sovereign, you are ever present in this storm. Lord, we pray that you protect everyone both physically and spiritually. There is not a storm that you cannot protect us from. Our faith is founded on the rock, not the shifting sand. Resolutely, you will carry us through this. We know you can rebuke the storms, and still the waters. We pray for that now Lord, in whatever way that is. Keep the wind from any structure where your saints reside. Bring those that aren’t of faith to a knowledge of you through this.
In Jesus name, we continue this prayer through the night…

Here are a few updates from our Barbuda family:

[3:55 PM, 9/5/2017] Donaldson Samuel: Families we care have faith

[7:09 PM, 9/5/2017] Peter Cuffy: Safe for now the winds picking up
[7:09 PM, 9/5/2017] Peter Cuffy: Cant keep cell on

[7:20 PM, 9/5/2017] Peter Cuffy: Lol love all blessings signing back off
[7:22 PM, 9/5/2017] Peter Cuffy: Hi Marc julie zolfo and family are great friends of mine
MB Side comment: Julie reached out to Marc through his FB page. She lives in Dallas!. Again, small world, big kingdom

[4:29 PM, 9/5/2017] Klarissa Joseph: Am fine…current is jus off [electricity]…we here in barbuda can hear the sea roaring (sea is real big time ruff and high on the eastern side) and also hear hog hole. It’s a cave that water rushing down in and the cave shoots it bak out!!!

[5:28 PM, 9/5/2017] Klarissa Joseph: it was unbelieveable wen I 1st heard it…well the fear of this hurricane hasn’t arise in me yet, but soon maybe maybe not
MB Side comment: He told her to not be afraid, but to respect the storm

We covet your prayers as this old Irma is getting crankier.  

Here are the last pictures we were able to take before dark. #BFMonthemove #BFMlovesantiguabarbuda