Dreams, Timing and Provision

What is your insurmountable dream? Always remember when the vision is from the Lord He will make the provision. Don’t let fear paralyze what God has put in your heart. He can and He will bring the provision. You need only two things.
One: To be certain the dream is from Him. Can you answer yes to any of the following questions? Will it glorify God and His Son Jesus? Does it offer hope and deliverance? Will it bring healing to the brokenhearted? Does it provide a better life for the people it will impact?
Two: Steadfast faith believing that God is more than able to bring it to pass.

The year 2016 has taught me to no longer question the timing of things. Like why I wondered after 22 years since my parents were murdered would I feel led to return to the islands where it happened? I actually thought I knew, I thought it would be a onetime return to visit to see Donaldson and do some filming with him to update our story for my conferences.

My mentor Shirley Barber said this to me, “Honey, none of us really has a clue of exactly what we’re doing, we are only to follow the little we know and leave the details to God.” The little I knew was to return to the islands of Antigua & Barbuda; the details I left to God transformed me and once again the trajectory of my life has drastically changed.

Now after not one, but three trips this year, I have fallen in love with the islands that I thought would only ever bring me pain and sorrow. The people have become my family and the longing in my heart is to now restore an abandoned, dilapidated hotel into a beautiful community mentorship center. A place where we teach vocational skills, where entrepreneurs are born and where the Lord is glorified. All in my parent’s name, all to keep from what happened to them and this island community from ever happening again. All to turn evil into good!

Though I want to question the timing of what I write today, I won’t. My finite mind says it is far too soon, we haven’t even acquired the Sunset Hotel and the land it sits on yet, but the little that I know tells me to share what God has put on my heart.

Timing is clearly the theme, so I must tell how amazing it is that Donnie and I would be reading together in book of Exodus at this time. How God did the seemingly impossible as He delivered His people out from under the curse of bondage in Egypt, parted the Red Sea and miraculously provided them with everything they would need to survive and to build the Tabernacle and the Arc of the Covenant.

It is amazing to me how it parallels! The people of Barbuda were delivered out from under a 22 year curse in January. God parted the sea and miraculously provided the funds for my BFM On-the-move Team to travel to Antigua & Barbuda three times this year and He will provide again for our fourth trip in November.


Provision. When the vision is from the Lord He will make the provision, He did it for the Israelites and He will do it for us. Why, because both visions came from God. Moses and the Israelites didn’t have a clue what was coming and neither does BFM and the people of Barbuda!

How in the world are we going to pay for this vision to come to fruition? Where will all the skilled craftsman come from? We are told the people on Barbuda don’t have the skills needed. In the physical this seems insurmountable for us. Donnie and Bonnie do NOT have the means to take on a million dollar project! Carrying all these questions is a burden that breeds doubt and fear. Fear is not of God and fear can paralyze our dreams, but only if we let it!


That is why we can’t go it alone, we will lose heart and our faith will falter if we do. We must stay connected daily to the Father. We must pray and be within the pages of our Bible, so the Word of God can speak to our doubt and increase our measure of faith. Here is what I mean: On the morning when the weight of doubt and fear was burdening down on us, this is where we found ourselves in Scripture:
Exodus 36:2
The People Give More than Enough
2 Then Moses called Bezalel and Aholiab, and every gifted artisan in whose heart the Lord had put wisdom, everyone whose heart was stirred, to come and do the work. NKJV

Coincidence? I think not!
Confidence renewed? Most assuredly!
Confirmation to move forward? Definitely!