Meeting the Governor General


It’s only been 3 full days here and once again the faithfulness of God is astounding! My new hashtag #anditsnotevennoonyet rings true every morning. As I sit reflecting before the sun rises on Day 4, I can’t help but wonder what the Lord will do today.antigua-social-3968

To be granted audiences with such high ranking Government officials shows the favor of God and continually speaks to us to keep the faith, keep moving forward and to not grow weary that the Lord is IN this and He WILL see it through to fruition!

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Boys Training School

Visiting the Boys training School, a home for troubled boys, on Monday was H A R D. The conditions, the lack of means and the boy’s stories, when you can finally get them to speak to you, are heart-wrenching. When the boys ranging in ages from 14 to 16 came in they were mad to have to be there, they refused to look at me and one wouldn’t even face me on the bench.

For a brief moment doubt invaded and fears of inadequacy wanted me to get up and run, but what the devil forgot was that those tactics are familiar to me. They are the same ones he used on me when I walked into Her Majesty’s High Prison to meet Donaldson for the first time 20 years ago. He lost then and he lost Monday, he always loses when we keep our eyes focused on the cause of the cross and the cause of Christ.


I opened my mouth and God filled it. He used me and Donaldson’s story to capture their attention and He used His story to capture their heart! Before we knew it they were opening up telling us why they were there, how we could pray for them and what their dreams were for the future.

We prayed over them, we gave them each a Bible with their names and an encouraging word of Truth written inside and I hugged each one of them tightly, and each one of them hugged me right back.

The work before us can be daunting but only if we let it! God has done far too much, moved too many mountains and orchestrated the impossible for us to give up now. We learned this from one of our most favorite Pastors here on Antigua yesterday. When the future overwhelms you, turn around and look at all He’s done to get you to the present.