Praying and Waiting


There are times that Donnie and I pray and wait for an answer from the Lord. Sometimes it isn’t necessarily a great need, just something we would really want or would like to do. We always try to dwell on the importance of being within the center of God’s will in any and every circumstance. If His answer is no (though disappointing), just knowing we’ve been obedient and didn’t make it happen ourselves gives us peace and we know God is saying “well done”. BUT when His answer is yes, it truly makes whatever we’ve asked for so much more exciting than if it just would have worked out. Knowing God miraculously made a way for something means you go forward with anticipation and expectancy you otherwise wouldn’t have had. That something exciting in Him is about to happen!

So we wait to see what God’s will is and regardless of the answer, we will praise Him for keeping us within His good, perfect and pleasing will.