The Sunrise Hotel & Mentorship Centre Plan and Purpose

The Property:

Bonnie Floyd Ministries (BFM) proposes to restore the Sunset View Hotel and restaurant to their original architectural design for the benefit of the people of Barbuda or design and build a hotel, restaurant and expansion buildings with all the same proposed elements described below. We will create a popular destination location “The Sunrise Hotel & Mentorship Centre” where visitors to the island and locals come together and encounter a life-changing experience!

The Purpose:

To provide further education for the youth and adults of Barbuda through the rebuilding and restoration of the Sunset View Hotel with vocational teaching and on-the-job training in all areas of construction, hotel and restaurant management. In addition to and beyond the restoration project, our desire is to integrate, not segregate, ourselves with the people of Barbuda by assisting them in finding their gifts and talents and to teach how to prosper in those talents through entrepreneurship programs. We believe that God’s Hand of blessing is on Barbuda in a new and much greater way and that BFM is to be a part of this move of God.  Our desire is to preserve the beautiful culture of Barbuda. Any change we bring is only to better the quality of life on the island.  We know this would be the utmost desire of my parents, Bill and Kathy Clever’s heart and this project would be our way to honor them. We see this as a Reconciliation Project, which will bring positive change and prosperity to Barbuda, by portraying here and beyond our borders exactly what forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration look like.

Restore the Sunset View Hotel to its original architectural state, with the intentions of expansion. The expansion (out-buildings that complement the existing architectural design) would consist of, but not be limited to, a mechanic and carpentry shop, multipurpose education building, and a mission team home.

We see the restoration and building process as a community project. The project will teach skills in all areas of construction and landscaping including masonry, framing, carpentry, electrical, concrete, tile work, plumbing and roofing. We have ready and willing contractors and business owners who have pledged their time, skills, and finances in support of this project.

Once the hotel is restored, it will run as a self-sustaining working hotel, restaurant and small conference center. It will also serve as a vocational school, teaching all aspects of hotel and restaurant employment, from landscaping, maid service, waiters/waitresses, and chefs to hotel and restaurant managerial positions.  The hospitality business is a growth area for Barbuda, and we hope to create an incubator program to provide training for the people of Barbuda to pursue those opportunities.  


The Multipurpose Building (Dream Center) will be used to teach the youth and adults varied skills to produce creative entrepreneurship for the process of designing, launching and running new businesses throughout the island.  Genuine souvenirs produced by locals, spa and salt products making use of Barbuda’s amazing salt, pottery, culinary arts, seamstresses in fashion design, jewelry making, and other arts would enhance Barbuda's position as a unique cultural destination. 


The Shop will be used to teach auto mechanics, including basic oil and brake changes and all ranges of repair and maintenance and will also serve as a limited benevolence service to those who needs such services but cannot afford them. It will also serve as a carpentry shop to teach woodworking skills including construction of tables, chairs, benches, cabinetry, and so much more.

The Mission Team Home (Hospitality Suite) will house the mission teams that will come consistently throughout the year to teach vocational skills classes, entrepreneurship programs, hold medical and dental clinics, work with Coach Peter Cuffy at the Sports Center and run after-school/summer youth camps and Bible studies. 

The Provision:

We have personally met with Mr. Everod Roberts, the original contractor, and Mr. Mitch Stuart, the original architect, and they have generously offered their advice, help and services in our endeavor to restore the beautiful hotel they designed and built over 30 years ago. We have already begun the process of fundraising for this worthy project and have raised a significant amount of US dollars dedicated to having the original construction drawings (that were from a time before computers) scanned and traced to produce the images needed to create computer working drawings and 3D renderings.  In addition to the on-hand funds we have raised, we also have committed contractors, church organizations, corporations, numerous individual supporters and a professional grant writer all ready to move into action and begin funding the Sunrise Hotel & Mentorship Centre as soon as we officially obtain the Sunset View Hotel and property.

Our Christian Mission:

In the 5th Chapter of 2nd Corinthians it states, “God committed to us to the message of reconciliation. We are therefore Christ's ambassadors, as though God were making His appeal through us.” In all that we do at the Sunrise Hotel & Mentorship Centre we will exemplify God’s Biblical, moral and ethical principles.  Through discipleship and the Word of God we will teach individuals how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We will guide by example how to seek wisdom and integrity from the Holy Spirit, who is our Counselor and ultimate teacher.  Our goal is for the youth and all people of Barbuda to capture their own vision from God and realize their full potential and purpose in life.