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The Barbuda Story

The Children of Barbuda have owned my heart long before Hurricane Irma ripped their island to shreds. Although Irma swept away or destroyed all of their earthly possessions, when I look into the faces of these little “blessings” I see a resilient hope that looks toward the future. It will still be a long while before these children are able to return to their homes on Barbuda so please consider joining me in bringing to them a Christmas to remember.

On December 16th, with your support, Bonnie Floyd Ministries is hosting the “Miracle of Christmas,” a fun-filled Christmas party with food, bounce houses and a special Christmas program for the displaced families that were living on Barbuda at the time of the hurricane. Each of the 310 registered children have given us their “wish list”, and it would be my greatest joy to watch as they receive the gifts they are hoping for.

Lets do this!

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The Miracle of Christmas (MOC) Control & Command Center

The MOC Control and Command Center is officially setup at Mark & Kim Sorensen’s shop! My sis Deanna Floyd Stadley flew in for a week and my Dad & Mama Floyd drove out today to help. I have over 20 of my closest Fresno friends out and about shopping for my Barbuda littles fulfilling wishlists. I am overjoyed by all the love and support I’m receiving and I know the Lord will bless you all beyond measure! #BFMthemiracleofchristmas #BFMfulfillingwishlist #BFMonthemove