The Sunset Proposal

The Property Proposal:

To acquire a lease of the land and structure of the Sunset Hotel, Codrington, Barbuda

The Purpose:

As Christians we have a God perspective, that with Him and in Him all things are possible. We believe that God is blessing your island and your people in a new and greater way and we are to be a part of this move of God. First of all, our desire is to preserve the beautiful culture of Barbuda; any change we bring is only to better the quality of life on the island. We know this would be the utmost desire of my parent’s heart and this project would be our way to honor them. We see this as a joint venture between Bonnie Floyd Ministries and the Government of Antigua and Barbuda as a Reconciliation Project, which will bring positive change and prosperity to Barbuda, by portraying here and beyond our borders exactly what forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration looks like.

The Plan:

To restore the Sunset Hotel to its original architectural state, with the intentions of expansion. We desire for this to be a community project by involving the youth and teaching them the skills of all areas of construction and landscaping. Such as masonry, framing, carpentry, electrical, concrete, tile work, plumbing and roofing. We have on hand ready and willing contractors and business owners who have pledged their time, skills and money in support of this project.

To start this project we have the support of local churches who have offered to house our constructions teams and suggest referrals for us to provide local employment to meet the needs of our teams while on island.

Our objective is also to include teaching the youth and adults of Barbuda various skills to produce creative entrepreneurship for the process of designing, launching and running new businesses throughout the island. Such as seamstresses in fashion design, using the Barbuda salt in making spa products, genuine souvenirs produced by locals, pottery, culinary arts, the list is endless.

Our Christian mission is to disciple. Each student would be expected to participate in Bible study to learn God’s Biblical, moral and ethical principles. We will teach them the Word of God and disciple them in how to have a love relationship with Jesus Christ. We will guide them by example on how to seek wisdom and integrity from the Holy Spirit who is our counselor and ultimate teacher. Our goal is to disciple students to capture their own vision from God and realize their potential and purpose in life.

In closing, our presence on island would be year round. In order to make this project self-sustaining we plan to use the project as an affordable hotel for guests, conferences and meeting center.