International Speaker, Author and Bible Teacher. Bonnie’s powerful and dynamic messages bring the Scriptures alive to audiences of all ages and gender.

bfmrestoration-speaker-header-athena-300x142Never did I see my life going in the direction of fulltime ministry, especially one that involved public speaking! I not only didn’t like speaking in front of people, I had a debilitating fear of it. What I have learned as I grew as a Christian or more importantly in my love for Jesus, is that we become willing to do anything for someone who owns our heart. Out of my great love for Jesus I was willing to face many fears and walk into a prison and meet face-to-face with one of the men who murdered my parents. Facing my fears and stepping out in sheer obedience for the One who saved my soul, changed the trajectory of my life. Now there is nothing I desire more than to stand in front people telling my ever-growing story and teach from the Bible the many messages God has birthed from my life experiences.

“It is a joy and privilege for me to commend Bonnie Floyd to your ministry. Bonnie has worked side by side with me for several years and I am constantly touched and moved by how God is working in and through her life. She has a
profound story to tell but she lives it out day by day in faithful intentional service to Christ.As a speaker she shares in her messages the lessons she has learned through difficult times in her life and the hope she has found in Scripture. It is her heart’s cry that women everywhere would experience the freedom and joy that come from living in intimate companionship with Christ. Bonnie is a woman of integrity and passion with a fierce commitment to Christ and His Kingdom.I believe Bonnie has only begun to see what God will accomplish through her. It is my honor to call her friend. Sheila Walsh – Author, Singer, Speaker


“It has been my privilege to know Bonnie for many years. She has served at Hume Lake Christian Camps several times a year as an event speaker, seminar leader, and prayer team coordinator. Bonnie’s heart is to minister to every one she comes in contact with! It has been a delight having Bonnie serve on the Hume Lake team. In fact, I have had her return year after year because of her servant’s heart and desire to minister to our conferees. Bonnie is a perfect choice as a speaker. She has a huge heart and a servant’s attitude. Her sincere walk with the Lord and her life experiences have seasoned and prepared her for ministering to people in her own precious way. Anyone who has the pleasure of sitting under Bonnie’s dynamic teaching will not be disappointed. Rather, they will be blessed and encouraged in their walk with Christ. Bonnie is a faithful student of the Word willing to be used by God wherever that leads! Besides all of the things mentioned, she is especially easy to work with and flexible!”

Becki Saltee – Hume Lake Christian Camp

sue_and_bonnie“Our first introduction to Bonnie Floyd was her appearance Daystar TV about her amazing book. We could not believe it when we heard her speak about Guernsey, the little island we live on and Jethou our neighbouring island, where here parents had lived. No one on American television ever mentions these little gems of the sea tucked between France and England in the English Channel!

Bonnie is an amazing inspirational speaker and a woman with a strong living faith, which she shares with such enthusiasm. With each message, she holds your attention and time goes by so quickly, you just want to hear more and more!

She brings laughter through her messages, though at times they can be heart-wrenching subjects. Bonnie delivers so much encouragement by her faith that you just come away knowing what Jesus said in Matthew 19 “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Bonnie is the type of speaker that delivers life-changing truth in every message she preaches. If given the opportunity we would go hear Bonnie speak on a regular basis, and we hope it will not be too long until she can return to our islands and we can enjoy her ministry once again. “

Mark and Sue Seabrook – Deacon and Worship Leader
Zion Christian Fellowship
Guernsey, United Kingdom

About Bonnie

Bonnie Floyd is an International Speaker, Author and Bible Teacher. Real, relatable and refreshing are words often used to describe Bonnie’s contagious zeal for the Lord and her authentic love for people.

Bonnie has a deep love and respect for God’s Word that is born out of her service as a teacher, group leader and minister of the Gospel for more than twenty-three years. Her powerful and dynamic messages bring the Scriptures alive to audiences of all ages and gender, and offer useful, practical ways to apply them to everyday living. Her personality comes through in every message, she will have you laughing out loud one minute and reaching for your Kleenex the next!

In the early hours of February 1, 1994, Bonnie received a phone call that would change the course of her life. Her parents, who were sailing in the West Indies, were brutally murdered along with two other passengers while moored off the island of Barbuda. The next two years would test and grow Bonnie’s faith in ways she never imagined. During the five-week trial, Bonnie’s outspoken Christian faith touched many key players in the tragic story—the team from Scotland Yard, the prosecuting attorneys, the local law enforcement, and the grieving families of the other victims. Bonnie shocked everyone when she insisted on going to the prison and meeting one of the men responsible for her parents’ death.

Shortly after she returned from Antigua, Bonnie was asked to share her amazing experience at a women’s luncheon. This event launched a full-time speaking ministry that has brought thousands to believe in Christ and even more to learn how it is possible to forgive even the seemingly impossible. Urged on by her husband and many others who have been inspired by her story, Bonnie put this incredible true-life-tale to paper. Bound to a Promise beautifully communicates her story of love, murder and redemption.

Bonnie lives with her husband, Donnie in Celina, a small country town near Dallas, Texas.