Choose Not to Be Offended
Did you know one of the definitions of the word “offend” is; “to trip up or to ensnare?” Not exactly what you would expect, but it makes perfect sense when you consider it from a Biblical perspective. Purchase
Consider It Pure Joy
Based on James 1:2-4 Bonnie teaches the deep-rooted Biblical definition of what it means to “consider it pure joy whenever you face trials of many kinds”. Whether a trial in your life is self-inflicted by wrong choices you’ve made or something completely out of your control, God has a reason; He has a desired outcome. It is through our times of trials, tribulation and tragedies that we grow in the Lord the most. Bonnie shares through her own life how it is more than possible to be able to “consider it pure joy to go through trials of many kinds” because each time she does, she is made mature and complete, realizing that on the other side of pain there is much to be gained! Purchase
Discipline Leads to Desire
Forsaking our time with the Lord is a sure way to keep from being all we desire to be. In this teaching, Bonnie shares the valuable lesson learned, when she unintentionally let the busyness and worry of life get in the way of her relationship with God. Purchase
Do Not Engage
Birthed out of a desperate need to understand how to forgive someone close to her, Bonnie searched God’s Word for understanding. What she found has been a revelation to many, including herself. Purchase
Peace in the Midst of Tragedy
Throughout a tremendous family loss, God taught Bonnie of His peace through the midst of great tragedy. Her story captivates you, teaches forgiveness, and takes you from tears to laughter and into a celebration of God’s goodness. Purchase
Submission of the Heart
Submission…not a popular word is it? But oh how freeing this seemingly binding term can be when applied to our lives in the way God intended. In this message, Bonnie explores the truth about submission as it is revealed in God’s Word. Purchase