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My Donnie and I have always had a heart for missions. For most of our married life we have made yearly mission trips building homes, providing provisions and sharing the redeeming love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

In the early years it was in Baja Mexico helping the Oaxacan Indians. Those trips were the catalyst that God used to instill mission work in our hearts. After moving to Texas we devoted ourselves to the orphan children of Honduras. We came alongside Bill and Connie Hayden and their dream to build Promise Home Orphanage. For eight years, with every trip, we got closer to our dream of hearing the happy voices of loved and well cared for children filling the 150 acres of Promise Home. On February 23rd, 2016 six month old abandoned Kensey Nicolle was the first child to be adopted into our Promise Home family; then came newborn David and so it goes . . . God-sized dreams do come true – but first we must labor.

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cropped-BFM_Logo_5oopx.pngIn 2016 God called Bonnie Floyd Ministries to the mission field and BFM On-the-move was birthed.  It was simply amazing to watch God open unimaginable doors and do “the immeasurably more” (Eph 3:20). The vision became clear; go back to the places your parents lived and died and bring the message of forgiveness, and share My redeeming love and saving grace.


In January we returned to the islands of Antigua & Barbuda (where my parents were murdered) to embark on BFM’s first international mission trip. I was given opportunities to minister at several churches, I spoke at a secondary school addressing over 500 students, I had multiple radio and television interviews and I met several family members of the murderers who came to me asking for forgiveness. One was the 22 year old daughter of Marvin Joseph, (the mastermind behind the murders) who I did not even know existed until she came forward to the front of the church when I was speaking! She was only 10 months old at the time of the murders. The story that has come from our meeting is breathtakingly beautiful and something only God could orchestrate.

There is just so much to share . . . the work that God did was undeniable, and it continued to spread throughout the islands like wildfire as they repeatedly re-aired the interviews. So much so, that the Government of Antigua, witnessing this move of God, brought us back in April (covering all our travel expenses) to continue the work that God began January. ONLY GOD!

Then in May we were flown across The Pond to the islands of Guernsey and Jethou, (where my parents lived at the time of their tragic death) by a small church with a big vision for Donnie and I to minister throughout the island sharing the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ.

The BFM On-the-move motto is “Where the Lord Leads BFM Will Follow”. As a result of following the Lord back to Barbuda, He has planted yet another vision in our heart. That vision is to set up a permanent presence on the island where my parent’s lives were brutally taken and set up a foundation and in their names. Our desire is to preserve the beautiful culture of Barbuda; any change we bring is only to better the quality of life on the island and to prevent what happened to my parents from ever happening again. We know this would be the utmost desire of my parent’s heart and this project would be our way to honor them.

We see this as a joint venture between Bonnie Floyd Ministries and the Government of Antigua and Barbuda as a Reconciliation Project, which will bring positive change and prosperity to Barbuda, by portraying here and beyond our borders exactly what forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration looks like.

If you’d like more information on our Barbuda Project and the Foundation, contact Donnie at don@bonniefloyd.com. Your prayers and financial support are greatly needed. If you would like to help support our BFM On-the-move you can donate by clicking here. Be sure to visit my Explore Page for updates on our progress and current news from our trips.

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