The Barbuda Project

Welcome to The Barbuda Project! It blesses me that you would find yourself here, because here is where my heart lives. I have learned in my walk with the Lord to expect the unexpected and I love the adventure, even when He calls me to unfamiliar, dubious and uncharted territory; and recently He has!

In January God called us to return to the islands of Antigua & Barbuda (where my parents were murdered) and share my story of forgiveness. During our first trip God opened doors for us to bring the message of reconciliation in incredible ways. There was an island-wide open-air event on Barbuda where all the people came out to hear me share my story of forgiveness. In response they came before me and asked me to forgive them and their land for the murder of my parents. They believe a curse has been on their island since the shedding of innocent blood occurred 22 years ago. And there is an undeniable timeline of barrenness that is evident all over the island. Literally every hotel in existence in 1994 but one now lies in ruins. Any kclub_barbudaProjecthotel/resort that was built after 1994 has been abandoned! They asked me to pray and ask the Lord to lift the curse so that prosperity would once again come to their land. It was the single most monumental moment in my life and the most amazing movement of forgiveness I have ever experienced. Doors have opened for me to speak in the all the schools on both Antigua & Barbuda on an ongoing basis. Only by the grace of God, do miracles, forgiveness and reconciliation like this take place!

While there God planted a seed in our hearts to set up a presence on Barbuda; a foundation in my parent’s name to work with the people of Barbuda with emphasis on the youth, through discipleship and teaching vocational skills. Our hope and purpose is to prevent what happened to my parents from ever happening again.

One particular place that has become abandoned and dilapidated since the murders, is the Sunset Hotel; a small hotel that we have had our eye and heart set on since January. It would be the perfect home for a permanent ministry hub as well as the Foundation we have in our hearts to see birthed on the island of Barbuda.  


On Friday evening April 15, 2016, we met with the Honorable Arthur Nebbs and submitted our proposal. It is now in the hands of the government of Antigua and Barbuda, but more importantly it is in the Hand of the Living God and we will wait with expectation for the answer. If the answer is “not the Sunset Hotel” then we will pursue another site for this project.

We see this as a joint venture between Bonnie Floyd Ministries and the Government of Antigua and Barbuda as a Reconciliation Project, which will bring positive change and prosperity to Barbuda, by portraying here and beyond our borders exactly what forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration looks like.

If you’d like more information on our Barbuda Project and the Foundation contact Donnie at Your prayers and financial support is greatly needed.

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Barbuda Project Proposal (November 2016)