Children of My Heart

Donnie and I have never been able to have children of our own, but we have certainly not lived a childless life. Never in our wildest dreams many years ago did we think after three tubal pregnancies and two miscarriages that we would live a life so full of many children.

Early on in the midst of our pregnancy struggles, Donnie and I made the decision to never question God or allow ourselves to become bitter. Everyone was having babies all around us, so we actively made the choice to fully embrace our nieces and nephews and our friend’s children. As a result, neither Donnie nor I would be willing to give up the special relationships we have with the children in our life today in order to have had our own, because they are our own . . . In a very special God way!

I’m so thankful we chose not envy or withdraw from the joy of children all around us; otherwise we would have missed all the goodness God had in store for us.

I have decided it best not to try and plaster this page with ALL the pictures of the children of my heart. However, if you follow me on Facebook or on the “What’s New” page of my Website, I make no promises that I won’t be posting them all there!